It occurs to me that the loss of tactility in the computer helps to increase in me a sense of disorganization. I can have objects in real life and these objects may be strewn without organization. I can grasp them and stack them, see immediately the space they take up. The space of a computer hard drive exists, of course, but as far as my interaction with it, it seems to be nowhere. No configuration seems perfectly neat enough and I always end up duplicating and recompressing files and forgetting what’s a copy of what. Naming things improperly. It is not an organization of objects. An organization of names. Everything must be named but besides the name and the file extension which may affect the icon, there is no distinguishment until opened. Consequently, organizing computer files seems to be infinite especially since they can proliferate so easily especially for a compulsive listmaker such as I. And yet, where would we be without our computers and the plane of the digital which translates all things into the same (in a sense).

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