We must go backwards in time as a radical step forward in our production of media. It seems that the history of special effects has been a history of making due with what has been possible at that time and thereafter moving forward towards a greater realism allowed by high technology. Those who produce independent cinema seem to have decided in advance that since they cannot afford to create a modern movie with modern special effects they must forgo it and focus on subject matter that does not require it such as the personal drama. Some, however, have begun to reclaim archaic special effects and compositing for their own purposes. That which was a technical marvel in the 60s, 70s, and 80s is now trivial in the age of Final Cut Pro yet obsolete with advanced CGI. Let us not be fooled by the Hollywood high technologists into being pushed into this ghetto. We must use the old effects, the cheap compositing, the camera tricks and so on and so forth in order to produce our art and take back these effects from the past and from the space of simple irony. The special effects of the past must return to the present in the independent media community. If people could once and continue to accept the conceits of a Star Trek or a Doctor Who then we must not limit ourselves by money but make use of our technology and take advantage of its aesthetic peculiarity. I propose that the methods of Star Trek: TOS, vintage Doctor Who, classic horror and so on be utilized once again for serious work and not just in comedy such as in Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job though that is one avenue for their effective use.

We must not be obsessed with a production of realism but with other things. If the goal is a narrative diegesis than consistency and not realism is what matters and consistency can be produced with cheap special effects.

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